Al Kags

  • Marketing & Brand Strategy
  • Leading Innovation
  • Non-Profit Marketing
  • Project Management
  • Communications & Media strategy
  • Copy Writing, Speech Writing
  • Social Media & Blogging
  • Capacity Building

Al Kags is a Marketer and Project Manager with over 15 years experience of developing and implementing marketing strategy in Africa in various sectors including government, non-profit and for profit.

He is the founder of the leading mobile applications development company, Mclabs, and a director of a Pan African research company, Infinite Insight. Kags is a globally certified CTIPM Project Leader by the University of Mauritius and a Global fellow of the Italian Marketing Association, a member of the American Marketing Association, and an associate member of the International Association of Business Communicators.

Al is the author of Living Memories, a collective of stories told by Kenyans of the Kenyan pre-independence era and is an acclaimed poet and writer. He has been published in many newspapers, journals and websites over the years.

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