There’s a reason why the common saying the customer is always right. Of course logically the adage holds no water because the customer is, in fact, sometimes (even often) wrong. But the customer can never be made to feel wrong.

Here’s why:

1. Wrong = negative

When trying to make a sale, a salesperson tries as hard as possible to get the customer to say “yes” as many times as possible and to keep the conversation as agreeable as possible. He, the salesperson agrees to everything – even when he disagrees! For example:

Client: so, if I were to buy 2 of these instead of one you can give me a 40% discount on one, right?

Seller: why that’s a great idea! But tell you what – I need to be in business tomorrow so I can bring you some more wonderful things so let me give you the very best offer of 10% off if you pick both.

The point is, the conversation stayed positive even though the customer made an unreasonable demand. No = no sale; yes = sale!

2. Customer has options!

In the 21st Century, regardless of what one’s business is, there is a lot of competition. Even worse is that unlike a few years back, when the competition was down the street, nowadays the competition is halfway across the globe – and often they barely speak english!

Because of all of the options that a customer has, a supplier cannot afford to be arrogant or aloof – even when dealing with an unreasonable customer.

3. The customer has influence.

Research has shown that a lot of people depend on word of mouth when making decisions on which supplier to use. Despite the fact that advertising has proliferated every aspect of our lives – TV, Radio, online, billboards etc, we take the word and endorsement of someone we have met much more. Its a question of trust.

As a seller treats the customer as king, the customer is disposed to brag about the wonderful experience they had to their friends, many of whom take the endorsement seriously.

The nature of the relationship is not one of equals. The seller/ supplier is a servant of the buyer. The most successful businesspeople are those who realise that early and no matter how successful they get, never forget this.


  1. minja says:

    i like it

  2. richarddonu says:

    In my mind the customer is king always

  3. ntsikelelo Koto says:

    According my reseach and my understanding the customer is the king as we always try to satified the clients needs and wants

  4. courage mungwa says:

    from my own point of view a customer is a king since we are there to satisfy them psychologically and physically as per request of their needs and wants

  5. Daniel says:

    The customer is only king, if he acts like a king.

  6. majaha says:

    from my understanding the customer is a king because they’re the ones who makes the increase of sales/Profits to the business/organisation

  7. Corrosdboy says:

    As for me through my research, personal interview and experience , customers are king in the sense that producer produce because of them, the success of any businessman is in the hands of his customers who remain loyal to him. Patronizing the businessman makes him make more revenue, i think they should be treated with care since they has options to change to another competitors who i ready to offer them what they want and need at they right time in the right place. Infact they are the eggs of the business which can be easily break. Therefore, accord them the honour of king will make them feel Better, be they servant and get all that you needed from them.

  8. Melvin m. Karlohs says:

    Customers are king because the success of the business depend on the customer.secondly without customer your business can’t improve.

  9. Musteman says:

    Yeap, Cusomer is king always .coze, producer produces code of them. Then they have to be treated in a well manner

  10. Daisy says:

    Consumer is the king because what ever is being said by the consumer is right , the consumer is the decider of what is to be produced arccordingly due to the needs and wants of the consumer

  11. mercy Redemptah says:

    customer is the king because without him then there is no need for business. he is the key determinant of any business. the company produces its products in considerate of customer expectation.

  12. test says:

    I quite like reading an article that can make men and women think.

    Also, many thanks for allowing for me to comment!

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  17. reds says:

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